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Cynergy Massage
Cynthia Groot
Koelmalaan 310
1813JE Alkmaar
tel: +316-14509006


 My practice is located in the cultural centre Koel310 , near the centre of Alkmaar and near major highways. There is also a bus stop right outside. The massage practice is located on the first floor. As you enter through the main entrance, proceed by going up the staircase. My practice is located on the left. Treatments are only possible by appointment.




Are you looking for relaxation and balance, or do you seek relief for sore or tense muscles?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Cynergy is a practice for relaxation massage, holistic massage and meditation .

A massage is beneficial for body and mind. Besides the already known fact that a massage is a relaxing and soothing experience , it has been scientifically proven that massages have a positive effect on the immune system and contribute to a faster recovery after injury.

Also there is increasing awareness about the fact that meditation is very beneficial for body and mind. Scientific research has shown that meditating daily show a positive change in the brain after only eight weeks. It was also found that meditation helps to reduce anxiety, depression, addictive behaviour, physical pain and stress.

* None of the treatments offered by Cynergy are a substitute for visiting a doctor. When suffering from physical or severe psychological problems it is always important to consult your physician first.

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