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The Cynergy Treatment ™ is a holistic treatment that I have developed through the years by combining the best of several disciplines. The treatment is an invitation to get in with your own being in a safe, relaxing environment.

Due to the busy daily life that we usually lead we often forget to pay attention to our body, most of our attention tends to go to the head area. This often be unknowingly creates tensions in the rest of the body, which accumulate over time unnoticed and can manifest itself in physical or mental discomfort. The premise of this treatment is to be aware of all the tensions in your body that you carry with you. So you will have the choice to let them go. This will help you relax, feel free and get in touch with the core of your being. A natural state of peace, silence and relaxation.


  • The treatment begins with a relaxation massage which you will help you enter a state of relaxation. After this, I will guide you whilst applying gentle pressure on certain parts of your body and ask questions about your experience of your body in the moment.
    In this way a state of bodily awareness is created. This will make you aware of any tension or blockages you may carry in your body and gives you the option to, while guided,  to come in contact with them.
  • This enables you to free yourself from the unconscious tension you normally carry with you in everyday life.
  • After consciously letting go of old tensions or blockages that no longer serve you, you get the chance to get in touch with your true nature. A state of peace, relaxation and self-love.
  • This treatment lasts about two and a half hours.
  • Price: € 75,-

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