Meditation, find silence in yourself.


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Meditation is good for everyone. We all have a voice in our head, nobody excluded. There is an association that having a voice in your head is only a symptom for people with a severe psychiatric illness. The opposite is true. Everyone has a voice in their head, that talks to you all day long. Watch for it in yourself. Can you stop the voice?

Many people identify themselves with this voice and think that the voice is ‘who they are’. This voice sometimes says nice things to you, but also often bad things. It often judges, this can be about other people also about yourself. This continuous mind chatter can manifest itself in worrying, feeling anxious or experiencing the inability to relax. A good tool to worry less, to feel more relaxed and experience the silence within yourself is meditation. There is increasing awareness about the fact that meditation is very beneficial for body and mind. Scientific research has shown that meditating daily for only a period of eight weeks will have bring about a positive change in the brain. It was also found that meditation helps to reduce anxiety, depression, addictive behaviour, physical pain and stress.

Are you interested in meditating but are you having trouble putting yourself to it, or is it not clear how to do it? Do you need guidance or a quiet and peaceful place? Cynergy provides you with the guidance, time and peaceful environment to achieve a relaxing and deepening meditation session. The session starts with a short explanation of what meditation is, with the possibility to ask questions, and then gives you the guidance to come to this state yourself. This session lasts about an hour.


  • Price (Individual) € 45, –
  • Price (in small groups) € 15, – (inform about when the group sessions are held)

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