About me, I’d like to tell you a little about myself.

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About me

I’d like to tell you a little about myself and why I decided to follow my passion and start my own practice. My name is Cynthia Groot. I am a licensed physician assistant and did this job for eight years. After finishing my education for physician assistant, I immediately started a part-time education at the College of Natural Medicine. In that time I also did several courses including Reiki one, two and three and various meditation courses. During my college education I obtained my certificate for classical massage, after which, next to my daily activities, I  began to massage my friends and family.


Although I enjoyed my work as a doctor’s assistant, I noticed that there was something missing for me in my work. Due to the high work pressure I was under, I felt I failed to create the space and time to sincerely interact with the patients I worked with. Also I noticed that a lot of the ailments people experienced where due to lack of time to relax and focus on themselves. After struggling with this for a long time a few years ago I decided to make the step towards what truly made me happy, which was working in my own practise. In this way I could focus my full attention and enthusiasm on that what has proofed to be most the important to me; investing time and paying attention to every individual who comes to me with a request for help.

In the meantime I have years of experience in giving massages and energetic treatments. I have built a satisfied customer base over the years and I have been privileged to help a lot of people to relax, feel balanced and free of stress-related ailments. With my experience and education I have developed a good balance between my general medical knowledge of anatomy and physiology, various massage techniques and my personal experience in meditation. Because of this I have a wide variety of techniques to apply during my treatments. It is my goal to make every person feel welcome and to let everyone that visits my practise leave with the feeling of being relaxed, at ease and with new insights about themselves.


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